So we’ve gone through the entire winter with only a few days rain at the very beginning. The drought has been getting worse, we’re still on level 5 water restrictions and are meant to be moving up to level 6 in September. The dams are almost empty, Brisbane’s Wivenhoe dam has about enough water in it to last a year at most.

Then, all of a sudden, it started raining two days ago… and it hasn’t stopped. It literally has been raining full on for a few days and it’s BRILLIANT. To actually be out in the rain again (where it isn’t freezing) is so cool. To look at the photos goThe password is what it normally is.

Our pool is almost overflowing and as you can see from the photos, our garden is finally getting a watering. As you can also see from the photos, our garden is completely dead and the only thing thriving in it is the weeds. Hopefully the rain will do it some good.

Anyway, thought it might make all of you in Scotland feel a bit better since you’ve been waiting for the sun for months during the summer and have been getting lots of rain instead. At least we’re not in the sun at the moment to sicken you, although by next week it’ll probably be back up to the mid twenties on the temp guage and sunny once more.

Anyway, other than that, not much to update. Life is amazing here. We all love it and things couldn’t be better other than family moving out here to be nearer. Will have to update this more often, but felt like the rain itself was worth a mention.

Off to have some dinner. Hope everyone is well.
NOTE: This post was written for friends and family back in Scotland.