Battlestar Galactica ends next season! Okay so it may not mean much to most of you and it has little to do with our new life downunder, but we wanted to blog it because it’s a big deal to us. Battlestar Galactica is our favorite TV show, so news just out that the fourth season will be the last is sad.

If you haven’t watched it, you should, even if you’re not into scifi. Uncle John, you NEED to buy the miniseries and season one and watch them (mini series first!) as you’ll love it. Actually most people giving it a try will as it’s more about characterisation and good stories than overall science fiction (not that there’s anything wrong with overall scifi, obviously).

Anyway.. for prosperity we’re blogging the news that we only have one more season of the brilliant Battlestar to look forward to. On the upside sounds like the makers have a plan to completely tie up the story, so at least it’s better than what happened with Invasion!! Yes Invasion had one season, ended on a cliffhanger and was then axed never to be seen again!!

Battlestar is great.. what are you waiting for people, go rent / buy it! Mini series first.. then season one… hop to it.

And so say we all!