Welcome to the family Huxley – On April 16 2007 – We’d like to welcome Huxley Whitelaw to the family. He’s a Maltese / Bichon cross and is a little cutie. We had decided not to get another dog, despite when we first arrived thinking it was a good idea, so that Ambro had a companion. All of that changed however when we were walking past the pet store and saw Huxley peering out through the glass, we both just knew instantly that this was the very dog for us, and the fact he was a Bichon Frise crossed with a Maltese was just plain weird given that’s the exact breed we’d decided on way back at the beginning when we actually thought it was a good idea.

He’s settled in great and although Ambro can still be a little too wary of him and also when excited, a little rough, it’s great to see them both following one another all over the place and enjoying each others company. You can see a few photos of Hux and Ams on our flickr account, including the one I’ve used in this post, which is one of my favorites.