April Blog Update for friends and family in Scotland (and whoever else floats across it I guess – It’s big so be prepared.

Wow.. was it really March 11 when we last updated our migration blog? That’s terrible and we apologise, must be all this sunshine going to our heads. We’ve decided to split up these updates into sections, or else it will just be one huge run on thing and that will be a mess. So there will also be a May update around the time this goes live.

This here is the ‘what happened’ post March 11 (to the best of our memories).
Well first up we were staying at the Jacaranda of course and it was nice there, despite the lack of air-con and a stove. We took some photos of it for those interested-and so that we’d remember it in years to come ourselves, you can probably find them on our flickr someplace… maybe…

Late March turned into a bit of a nightmare as our time staying there was coming to a close and we’d been told the walkthrough for the house was going to happen. When the walkthrough didn’t happen on the day we were told, we started to get worried, but we were assured we’d be in on the weekend of March 24 (the day we were meant to leave the Jacaranda). We’d told the realtor to ensure final payment was with the builder for March 23, but come close of business that day things appeared to be going wrong, with the realtor blaming the builder and the builder blaming the realtor (that the payment hadn’t shown, so we couldn’t get the keys).

After being on the phone to various people numerous hours all of Saturday morning, much stress and to cut a long convoluted story short.. we got the keys lunchtime on March 24. A few things came to light about the pool company also that we weren’t happy about. Allegedly the woman at Narellan Pools, for whatever bizarre reason, had got into one with the builder and told him we weren’t happy with him, the builder then threatened to take another 6 weeks to give us the keys!! All because this receptionist at the pool company had stirred up trouble, nightmare! Anyway, it all worked out for the best in the end so we won’t bother going into that whole mess.

We’ve added the photos we took the day we got the keys (photos on flickr). Furnishings and what not.. The week starting March 26 was an insane one, as we had a lot of deliveries expected and of course Tracy was working at the Uni fulltime each day. The deliveries included most of the furniture, electronics etc and at the start of April all our shipping boxes from the UK. As Tracy was working, it was my job to build all the furniture. If I never see another Allen key (Hex Key in my life it will be too soon!! Yes of course we bought things mostly from IKEA, but then even the stuff we bought at Super A-Mart needed built. Ahh well, it was an exciting way to keep busy and it was nice to have another room finished as a surprise for Tracy when she got home from a hard days work.

Builders, painters, you name it… those two weeks were mad! One particular day there were so many men in and out of the house that I had no idea who a couple of them were! This was because the pool was being finished, the electricians were in, the painter, plasterer, builders, carpenter, alarm and delivery people were all in and out! Anyway, I was glad when it was all over!

We’ve got pictures of the house pretty much finished again in flickr including all that furniture that needed made lol

We had to get a few extra things we hadn’t initially bargained for, such as bookshelves for the main bedroom, just due to the sheer amount of books we’d shipped from the UK. They’re all full already!! It’s nice having everything have its place, so that you always know where something / anything is when you need it, be it a screwdriver, cloth, tape, particular book, whatever it might be!

Anyway.. that’s all for this update… next update.. Huxley’s arrival.