Yes we’re still here, just waiting waiting waiting on the house being finished so we can actually do something useful with our time, after all, all of this going to the beach to pass your day is hard work ;o)

Today we got up at 6.30am to head down to the markets, grab some cheap fruit and veg etc and also look at all the other wares on offer. We went to 3 different ones and no dogs were allowed in any of them, we were none too pleased but, we took the bad and made it good, we came home, packed some towels and took off for The Spit. Last time we were there there were 4 people there, us and two surfing girls, oh and Ambro, because it’s a dog friendly beach woohoo!. Today The Spit was insane! There were loads of people there and most of them had at least one dog with them. It was hilarious watching all of these mad dogs, some surfing, some playing frisbee in the water and some just running in and out. Then there was Ambro, she ran in and out a few times, but then decided she would just sit and yap at the other dogs, or at each of us as we took turns going into the water; water that she now detested apparently. We took a little film of Ambro body surfing when she was still enjoying it, but it’s not up yet.

Strange Things Of Note:
This is just a silly thing we thought we’d add in that might interest people (feel free to comment on anything you thought was funny / interesting, then we’ll know to add more weird things we’ve noticed since being here in Australia.

Radio Swears – On the radio here they swear, doesn’t matter what time it is, noon or morning or night, they swear, oh and the songs have swear words unbleeped also (not the big ones C and F, but ALL other ones). The DJs seemed quite crass at first and we were quite shocked, now we think they’re a. honest b. amusing. In the UK a DJ wouldn’t say “Gees that song was crap” or “Yeah when she was in an interview in here she was up herself and a bit of a bitch” (yes Lily Allen, apparently that was you! lol). In an odd turnaround though, seems some songs have the word ‘God’ bleeped out. This is particularly annoying in the new Fallout Boy song This Aint a Scene

More Godly Goings On
This is something we forgot to mention that stood out in our travels. When we were in Melbourne an Aussie church got a lot of flack for putting on its sign outside “Jesus Loves Osama”, this was obviously a statement that was meant to show the forgiving nature and love of Jesus (terrorists ok, gays not so we guess lol), instead it peeved a lot of people. We spotted a sign in a country cafe that said “If Jesus Loves Osama, He Sure as f_ck Loves You”, the humor was not lost on us. Speaking of signs, did we put up that Form One Planet sign? Hmm don’t think we got a clear picture, it was along the highway and was actually the ‘FORM ONE LANE’ sign, but someone had added the P and T to Lane.. bless them.

Water Restrictions Queensland – Green Australia
Water is golden! Actually it’s clear and blue, but in your house it’s like gold, you must have short showers, only do full washing loads and don’t go watering your garden willy nilly, or washing your car! Yes Cat, this means no more 25 minute showers! Seriously though, there’s this whole big hoo harr here at the moment because of global warming and the water situation. They’re trying to get Queenslanders to cut down on water usage and trying to get the entire country to cut carbon emissions, the whole country seems very ‘green’ aware, which is great!! This coming week every house gets an egg time delivered, this is to time showers lol. Tracy is totally addicted to the ‘Dam Reports’ and she worries for the dam levels which are presently hovering around 21% full. She’s so cute lol

Laidback Aussies
People seem to be very laidback, quite happy for everyone to get on and not too bothered about anyone else (in the nicest possible way). This is very cool and we hope it remains so and doesn’t become annoying.


This isn’t part of the weird things we’ve noticed, this is just a note to ourselves (and you guys) for memories sake in years to come. On Friday we popped Ambro into Doggy Daycare and set off for Byron Bay. We expected this to be a hippy laidback place and we weren’t disappointed. As the home of surfing, it was a seaside town, loads of yoga, hippy, surf type stores and way too many tourists. We bought pictures for our bedroom and some jewelry. We also had lunch in a pub there, the name of which we can’t remember. The service was pretty dire and we were waiting for the food thinking, man they’re direct and unfriendly, then the food came and OMG was it ever lovely. Shame we can’t remember the name as we’d totally recommend it, if it’s any help Toni Collette and her band will be there next week or something.

That’s all from us… no photos this time, but we’ll be sure and put more up next time. Hope you’re all well and happy xxxx

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