On Tuesday we got up with the intention of ordering our house furniture as we didn’t want to leave it too late. We headed off to Super Amart and ended up getting our dining furniture, lounge stuff, outside furniture and family room items all there. We got a good discount so we ordered and they’ll deliver when the house is ready. It was nice to actually get it done so it’s off our mind now. The only other things we need to get are from IKEA.

After a hard days shopping we went to look at a pool place in Palm Beach but the stupid enquiries woman gave us the wrong address so we never found it! Still, we did find some nice quiet little beachy coves in Palm Beach so that wasn’t so bad. We came back to the hotel and decided to go out for dinner as we’ve pretty much only been eating lunch and then having a snack at night. Many people recommended the Hogs Breath Café for dinner, but it was sooooooo yucky! We didn’t eat hardly anything and they still charged us! I ordered one of their specials which is a prime rib tender steak and I asked for it well done. Needless to say it wasn’t. It came back pink and bloody in some parts and wasn’t that tender anyway. Angela had chicken parmagiani and it was gross. She barely touched it. It was expensive and a waste of money, so we decided from now on we’ll just have something easy and simple, like a hotdog!

We can’t wait to get into our own house so we can make salads and barbeques and things. Surfers is very busy at night and there’s a lot of Japanese people here too. It’s a vibrant place and is definitely suited to young people. There’s just a great feeling about it, and although it would be too much to live here all the time, it’s nice to visit.

Well…. Wednesday morning didn’t start out well at all. We got the terrible shocking news today that granny McLean died. We just don’t even know what to say. The odd thing is that yesterday morning I woke up really upset and didn’t want to check my text messages because I’d dreamt I got one that said ‘your gran died’. I was relieved when I read them that there was no such message.. and then this morning when I woke up and there was lots of texts from mum and dad saying to call them urgently… well I just knew. It is so sad and so horrible and it’s the first time we’ve really felt the pain of being so far away. Not that we could change it if we were any closer, but just to be there for people is nice. After going through the crying and crying stage, I think I’m now in the shock phase where it doesn’t feel real. Don’t know how long that will last.
All our thoughts are with the people there who are in the middle of it and are grieving.

We were planning to go to the beach today to swim and boogie board, but after the news we didn’t know what to do. We eventually decided just to go as it’s better to be having fun as much as possible rather than sitting in feeling bad. The beach was amazing. I tried boogie boarding as you can see. It is very difficult as the waves are really powerful, but it’s fun and the water is so clear and shallow near the shore that it’s not too scary. It does get a little bit worrying when a huge wave of white comes towards you, but it’s still fun.

We stayed there for around an hour as we didn’t want to get burnt. We are now heading to Brisbane to pick up our bank cards and upload all this for you.

Also, just a couple of new photos of the house with the roof on as you can see at flickr.