Well that is Girlfest over with! It is Monday morning and we’re heading off to the Sunshine Coast to be surfys for a few days hahahaha. The first night of Girlfest was really good because it was comediennes that were on the entire night so it was mad fun. We were glad we’d come along for that and as you can see in the photos there were some mad ladies on stage. The one in the bra is doing an impression of Shakira hahahahaha. On the Saturday we didn’t stay at the hotel as we didn’t much fancy the pool party which looked a little bit overwhelming with over 1000 lesbians surrounding the pool area to party hard!

Have to be honest and say that many of them were behaving like teenage boys, but they had fun and at least it was a safe place to do so. We went to the shops on Saturday and had a look around at prices for our electronic items for the house.

On Sunday we decided to go to the Logan Hyperdome, a huge shopping centre that is only 15 minutes from the house. We were lucky enough there to find a little saleslady named Val who helped us out and managed to get us a huge discount on all our electrical items because we were buying them all at the one time. We saved over $1000 and managed to get a double fridge freezer, wireless home theatre surround sound system and dvd player, vacuum cleaner, microwave, washing machine and 50″ plasma….. now that sounds scary and it is.. but what was the total price in pounds? Just over 3000 pounds. Yup, for ALL that cool stuff. It’s very cheap here and with the discount even better.

We had a look at pool prices however and those weren’t at all cheap. They were DOUBLE what we’d originally thought. The reason for this is that you have to add in landscaping, fencing, cleaner, solar heating, lights etc etc. We’re a little bit upset about that, but thankfully we have amazingly kind parents who would also love us to have a pool and it looks like we’re going to be able to get one. It will be a godsend because it’s sooooo hot here even in the evening and it’ll be nice to swim at night.

On Sunday evening we went to the Girlfest film night. The two films that were showing were Loving Annabelle and Imagine Me and You. We’d already seen them both as we own them on DVD but thought we’d go along anyway. It was good to see the films again even though some of the audience ruined the first one by laughing at tragic bits and yelling out stupid comments throughout. It actually made me call them f**kwits, which Angela found very amusing and I’m sure my mum reading this will be disgusted at LOL. Anyway, it was true, thankfully for the next film it wasn’t so bad as alot of people left. We realised that even in a sprawling room full of people, we’re our own little group and we’re sooooo thankful for that. We can entertain each other far more than when amongst a group of crazy people and we’re happy about that after being together 9 years.

We might not have the internet for a while now, we know there’s a few places on the Sunshine coast that do allow access with the account thing we bought, but we’d need to find them first. Don’t worry we will text and things though. It’s a beautiful 34 degrees outside today with blue skies. We’re going to make sure we wear PLENTY of sunscreen when we head to the beach later. We haven’t booked anywhere to stay yet so that is our first port of call. It’s scary how quickly our money is being used up. We’re looking forward to being in one place so we don’t need to spend so much!

The reason we’re still in the Brisbane area is that we’re waiting on the bank cards so hopefully they’ll be there when we go in on Wednesday and then we can head off to Melbourne. It’s a 20 hour drive inland from here so we’re not sure where we’re stopping or anything yet, just treating it as a big adventure.

That’s all from us other than the usual updated photos that you can find in the usual place.