Post for friends and family on our move from the UK to Australia! Date: 22nd Jan 2007 – We arrived yesterday after a looooong few flights. The flight to Heathrow was fine at a mere 55 minutes or so, we then had to leg it to make it to the connection because the handout said it was going to take 75 minutes to get from where we landed to where we were leaving for Singapore (an hour later). In truth it only took us 20 mins, whew.

The London to Singapore flight was around 13 hours and my goodness was it ever boring andcraped!! For some bizarre reason the multitude of ‘time passing’ gadgetry we’d taken remained in the bag as we were just too tired to bother. We opted for watching a couple of films and some comedy TV.

Singapore Airport (Changi) wasn’t as exciting as we’d thought it would be, but then we didn’t have much time to check it out. We made a point of eating Singapore Noodles in Singapore though and also bought a new camera (10.1 megapixel!) and we bought a DS game also (Gunpey).

The next flight from Singapore to Brisbane took about 7 hours, though this time we managed to sleep a little, as well as playing games on the in-flight entertainment system. It didn’t seem so bad.

Weird… it smells and feels like Florida or LA! It didn’t take long to get through customs and everyone was quite friendly. Got a cab to the Manhattan Apartments where we’re now staying. The whole area here really looks like Santa Monica and the apartment is beautiful. We’ve got a view of the river from the bedroom which is nice and it’s amazingly quiet here.

This morning we got up around 6.30am and we intend to get into this habit everyday (yes people that know us well, we’ll wait for you to regain composure lol). Today we’re going to walk down the street to get some essentials. We walked to the ‘servo’ (petrol / gas station) last night and got some, but they didn’t have shampoo!! We also realised there’s no hairdryer! Trudy, the lovely lady from the Kia dealer, is picking us up around 1pm to go get the car then we’re really not sure what we’ll be doing. Probably getting a sat-nav system and driving down to where the house is being built.

The weather is bright and sunny, but fairly cloudy with the actual sun peeking through now and again, not sunny enough to get a tan due to the sun peeking through intermittently! It is going to be around 32 degrees Celsius today though.

Asides: Last night on the way back to the apartment from the servo we saw our first cane toad!!!! Cheeky little mite was sitting right there on the footpath! Other wildlife spotted, a tiny cute gecko above the elevator actually inside this building. No other wildlife to report, we’ll try and remember to keep the camera with us for our next spotting.
More later no doubt!