Date: 23rd Jan 2007 – Car pickup! The lovely Trudy picked us up at the apartment at 1pm and drove us to the dealership to pick up the car (pictured). The personalised registration hadn’t arrived yet, so it has the regular regi on it at the moment, but we’ll post an updated pic in the week hopefully with the proper registration plates on it.

As soon as we got the car we headed to the nearby shopping area and bought sat-nav, but we still managed to take wrong turns!! We then drove to the house and was surprised to see it on the go, the frames were up. It’s just off the main motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, underdeveloped at the moment, but a huge growth area.

We also finally met the lovely Brett (realtor / friend) in the flesh and he was as charming in person as he was via email. He also showed us around the show home, which is the same as ours will be. It was beautiful, bigger than we imagined. We will probably change the colors slightly and we now know it’s definitely big enough for a pool. Cath chose the right bedroom and the garage is huge!

We left the house and Brett and headed to the Westfield Helensvale shopping center 10 minutes from the house, got some groceries and then drove back to Brisbane. Decided to just go back to the apartment, nabbing fish and chips on the way as it was the only place within walking distance we knew about. After dinner we were so tired we had to go to bed and it was only 8.30!! Up this morning (23rd) at 6am. Seems like we’re already getting into the Brisbane way of life! Today we’re planning a sea-cat trip across to the Queen Street Mall and then over to South Bank to take some photos, which we’ll upload for you all next time. We’re hoping to find a wi-fi place in the Mall and I guess if you’re reading this around the 23rd Jan, we managed it! More later!!