Wee Ams the jetsetter! – Well today was a very stressful day as we awoke at 4.45am knowing that it was the day we had to put wee Ambs on the flight to Australia. We headed to Glasgow airport where we had to drop her off at the British Airways cargo terminal.

There was nobody there when we arrived, but soon after they showed up and it was all go from there. We had to take Ambro into the building and put her in her little crate that was on the scales. She was then sent through the xray and we got to say bye to her. It was one of the most horrible, torturous events ever. She wasn’t too stressed out when she first got in, but when she realised she wasn’t getting back out she starting crying and licking our fingers through the grate. Angela and dad were crying and I did everything I could not to because I knew if I started I wouldn’t be able to stop. After we said bye, we went and filled in the paperwork and that was that. We had to drive home, praying every second that she’s safe and well on her journey around the world.

Throughout the day today we’ve been thinking we hear her walking around the house or whimpering. We keep looking around for her and shutting doors behind us so she doesn’t get in, all the while she’s down at Heathrow in the animal reception centre. Her flight from Heathrow to Sydney didn’t leave until 21.45pm so she had a long wait at Heathrow. As soon as it turned that time, we immediately started checking the live flight tracker to see if she’d left and she was airborne at 22.20.

There’s a stopover in Singapore for refuelling and then it’s off to Sydney. It really is a very weird day today. It makes you realise how used to having her around you become and how totally painful and stressful it is knowing you’re not with her when she’s making such a huge journey. All we keep telling ourselves is that at least she doesn’t know what being on a plane is and all she knows is that she’s in a dark, warm place for a long time. She will hopefully not be too scared and we will be able to report in soon that she’s arrived well at the quarantine station in Sydney.