Grandad the Wii master! Okay, so our last post was in October, clearly this blogging business is hard when you’re planning on moving half way around the world eh? Let’s think of this as a catch up post and then we’ll try harder; afterall when we move we’re hoping to make this our update for friends and family page. Then you’ll all be really sorry!

Last time we mentioned gadgetry in the form of our iPod stereo, which rocks by the way and is highly recommended by yours two truly. In addition to this electronic marvel comes the Nintendo Wii, yes we have one (er actually two – one UK one US) and they’re coming with us. Loads of fun!

We’re still packing believe it or not. Thanks to the builders putting off the house build start date to January 9th, we’ve had to stall on the shipping company picking up our things since we won’t have a house to put them in! Here’s hoping they’re true to their word as they’ve stated Jan 9 as the start date, they have to start building then as they only have a 16 week window maximum to finish. Actually they’ve told us it will be finished in 9 to 10, so even better.

Our realtor in Australia is a legend, such a lovely guy, so we’re hoping the builders will be as professional as he has been, though he’s turned out to be more of a friend than a realtor, which is great obviously.

Travel Plans…Right, so we’ve sort of worked out where we’re going on that little road trip now, we were working on it last night as it happens. We’ll be in the Brisbane area for the first week before heading off down the coast via loads of places and Sydney, before getting down to Melbourne to visit Liz (sister). We’ll have to be in Melbourne over Feb 10 as we’re going to an Evanescence concert there. We were meant to see them in Manchester UK but they cancelled that one the day before! We’ll probably be in Melbourne till around Feb 12, then it’s up to Shepparton to visit Val and Mr H! Looking forward to that, but not that long drive from Shep to Canberrra that will follow.

We need to be back in the Sydney area for Feb 17 to pick up our wee Ambro from quarantine, then its back up to Queensland for us. Now, we had thought the house would be finished by then obviously, but as it won’t, we’ve booked into the Jacaranda Lodge, which isn’t far from the house, so we’ll be able to check in on the build. All things going to plan, the house will be finished building when our stay at the Jacaranda ends and we’ll be moving in from there. Well, we’d better be as we’ll be rather strapped for cash by then I should think and will have nowhere else to go!

Christmas 2006…We had a great Christmas! It was a real family affair and things felt just how they should feel. We didn’t get one another huge lavish gifts as we’d already got the Nintendo Wii early, we did get everyone else lavish gifts though and it was great watching all those smiles. The Nintendo Wii was a hit, Mom, Dad and Grandad were great at bowling and pretty good at tennis too! We had the usual huge cooked dinner and pondered what that will be like in Australia when it’s 35 degrees Celsius lol.

Loose Ends…Not much else to add. The Mini was sold a week or so ago, so we’re car-less for the moment, well, we do own a car, it’s just sitting in a car dealers yard in Queensland till we arrive. Scary… only 3 weeks to go and we’ll be immigrating to Australia! It doesn’t feel ‘real’ at the moment, probably because we’re so busy. Speaking of which, things to do, catch you all later!