Ambro ‘helping to sort and pack’ – Where did today go? And yesterday come to that? Everything is presently a mess of packing and sorting. How on Earth two people accrued so much ‘stuff’ is beyond us and we’ve decided never to do this again, how much material rubbish do we actually need. Given the huge amount we took to the recycling center and dump today, nowhere near as much as we had. It’s cathartic… it’s freeing.. it’s hard work.. but we’re strangely loving it! The thought of a completely new start, with one of each thing in life you need is working its magic.

As you can see from the image, even Ambro has been getting involved in the clearing out and sorting through things… usually by laying right on whatever you’re trying to sort through!

On the upside, we’ve done almost all the cupboards, including the storage under the stairs, just that dang loft to go! How many Angelina Jolie magazines will we eventually have found do you suppose, we should start a blogging sweepstakes for closest guess lol So far we must have found / bought almost every magazine that woman has appeared in the cover of!! Oh and not forgetting Jennifer Connelly! Magazines are HEAVY! So needless to say we’ll not be taking them all.. but do you know the pain involved in ripping the covers off magazines scrapbook styley? It’s tough man!

Gadget Alert::: Ok so we did something mad this week, we each bought an iPod and we also bought this cool iPod Hi-Fi thing. You just clip your iPod into it and it rocks! Here’s a link. We’re taking it with us obviously and will probably use it as our main stereo system.. see.. we’re getting into the digital groove, no more CDs laying around, we’ll just buy off iTunes and store them on the Mac… putting them on the iPod for playing in the iPod Hi-Fi.

House Update… where are the contracts!! Australia Post.. you’d better not have lost them! Yes we sent them, they arrived in Australia on Saturday, but are still to arrive at the real estate agents! Fingers crossed on that for tomorrow.

There you go, apparently it’s International Blogging Day today or something, so we’ve put in extra effort with a big update. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have more things to sort through!