Like Ours But Not As cool! Ok so we are scarily moving along with the process of heading to Australia now! We received the contracts today for the house and land package and are in the stages of looking through them and returning them. From there, once the money has changed hand for the land, it’s all go go go. The house will be getting built.

We’ve also definitely decided on the Kia Sportage and will be putting a deposit on it this week hopefully. The deal was indeed brilliant as we mentioned and it’s going to be excellent driving around in it hopefully.

We got our flight tickets through already. They’re on Singapore Airlines and we’re going out on Sat 20th January. We arrive in Brisbane on 21st at like 7.30pm so we are hoping this will work out better as then we can go straight to bed and try to adjust our body clocks straight away. This should in theory cut down on jetlag, but who knows. The guy can bring the car straight to us, but we’re thinking of just spending the night at a hotel near the airport and getting him to drive it there next day. This makes more sense as driving straight off that long flight might be kinda dumb.

Little Ambro is awaiting her import permit at the moment. We’ve decided to use Jets4Pets as they were the best quote and were also recommended by others who have used them. We are of course TERRIFIED at sending her on a plane all alone and then having to leave her in quarantine for 30 days, but this is nothing compared to leaving her behind so there’s no option here. We couldn’t do without her around. That’s how we feel about all the family too, but sadly none are coming out at this time. Hopefully they will one day, or at the very least have extremely long holidays with us!!

Aside from Brisbane news, we have sold the Rover Streetwise and have also had a price on the Mini. On a completely unrelated note, we’re going to Manchester on the 21st November to see Evanescence in concert and are totally looking forward to that.

The whole Australia thing is so scary but really exciting at the same time. We’ve got sooo much to do though and so little time. We are working constantly on writing and ‘normal’ work that it’s impossible to find time to fit things in. We really need to get on with the packing but have sort of stalled again this week. We did get rid of all our gaming things though during the week, 2 xboxes, gamecube, dreamcast, LOADS of games and extra cool things like Steel Battalion and Samba De Amigo.. we only got like £750 for the lot. Total crap but it saved hundreds of pounds worth of hassle in putting it all on Ebay and packaging it etc so can’t complain.

Anyway, off to do yet more reviews and to probably then end up knackered and into bed!!!