Brisbane Australia – We’re Coming Soon! Ok so the plan was we’d be moving to Brisbane Queensland, from Glasgow Scotland around late June, but now it’s all been pushed forward and we’ll be heading downunder around January 17th! This has obviously thrown everything into top gear as we try and arrange a house, car, shipping and of course flights for us and le pooch.

It’s certainly made the event more exciting because now we really have to start getting things moving! So far this week it’s been mad. We got the shipping company to deliver the boxes on Monday and have packed 2 (fully) and another 3 half packed awaiting silica gel. We’ve also sent off the deposit for the land and the house, so hopefully once the contracts are in and we place the initial larger deposit, building can begin. They’re quoting a 10 week build time at present, but no doubt it will be longer than that, still, at least things are happening.

We’re also 90% sure of the car we’ll be getting now, with the KIA Sportage dealer giving us a great offer and he’ll even drop it at the airport allegedly. We’ll obviously know how all of this works out when we’re actually there, but at the moment everything is looking positive.

So that’s us all up to date pretty much, barely had time to do anything other than work and research for the big move! Will try and blog more as things happen. Honest.