So, before anyone starts worrying, no we haven’t become so completely obsessed with watching Alias that we’re paranoid that there’s a bug in our room. What I am referring to with the title of this blog is nasty viral kind of bugs. I am home today when I should be at work, the reason for this is that everyone in the house is smitten with a horrible cold/flu like bug. We’ve been coughing and spluttering for the past two days, even our dog looks bored of it.

During my time off work today however, rather than lay in bed (which I probably should be doing) I have decided to be slightly more productive. I managed to write the third review for The London Daily Telegraph and it was on Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins on the PSP. A pretty dire game if you ask me. One that is simply too frustrating for this little gamer. I also was lucky enough to be asked to do some freelance work today on a particularly brilliant website named so I’m really hoping that I get to do that.

I am loving the writing that I’m doing at the moment and when we move to Brisbane I’d really like to do that full time. Obviously I love being a driving instructor also and enjoy the teaching aspects of that and the freedom to work when I choose, however writing is my love. Thankfully the lovely Angela has been supporting me in this whilst she’s also slaving away working on blog sites to make money. It’s all so handy that we have a mutual appreciation of the others loves and desires.

Now onto something completely random… I had a wasp in my car last week. Yes, no big deal you might think, but it scared the hell out of me that I could be so terrified of such a small insect. I was driving along the motorway and thoughts of dying horribly in a car crash swarmed (no pun intended) into my mind as I frantically tried to keep one eye on the road and one eye on the wasp. It made me realise that very big things can be scared of very tiny things. It also made me realise that perhaps the culture of fear we live in at the moment is testament to that. The big countries are damn scared of the little ones and so we swat them whilst we can, before they take a pop at us…. or at least before we believe they do.

Onto something completely unrelated (ahem) the 9/11 stories on TV recently. It’s the 5th anniversary and I can’t believe it’s been that long already. I remember exactly where I was when 9/11 happened and I sat and cried for every one of those people who lost their lives that day. I wonder then what has happened to me recently, why is it that I can’t watch these documentaries any more? I think that the reason is because I don’t believe what we were told now. I always doubt what happened and the world has changed so drastically since then that I feel like we haven’t learnt from it at all. Still, no big revelation there, that’s what most people think it seems.

Without getting too depressing, I thought it’d be nice to end with a happy note. Our beloved Ambro has completed her 8 week course in dog training and she will hopefully be in the Glasgow Herald newspaper this week. She was one of the few dogs at the class who would go through the tunnel so a photographer took her photo. Awww bless. She rocks. xxx