Sidney Bristow Kicks Ass! – Where does the time actually go, it sometimes feels as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day, certainly not enough to find the time to add to a personal blog when you’re busy working for other people blogs. Not that I’m complaining, it helps to pay the bills.

Anyway, what have we been up to, not much really. We’ve gone through a weird phase the last few days, with nothing on the TV of interest, we’ve decided to finally try and watch some of the many DVD sets we’ve bought and never watched, starting with ALIAS. We’re still in the first season at the moment, probably about half way through, it’s pretty cool, other than a few things, like, why don’t her friends wonder where she is all the time, flying all over the globe. Also Sidney Bristow is apparently able to not be bruised, broken or cut by any heavy handed attacks on her, since she never arrives home from a mission with cuts and abrasions. This does take away from the show a bit, but we’re still enjoying it.

Other than that, we’ve been doing the usual Australia research we do every week, including looking at real estate, checking prices etc. The months are ticking by and we’ve sort of ground to a halt a little. We’ve decided to also make things a little more manic by planning a European driving tour prior to us leaving, so that we can check out some of Europe before moving to the other side of the globe. At the moment we’re thinking we might do this early next year, or perhaps just prior to Christmas. Time will tell! Either way it will include Amsterdam, Germany, Italy and France (Paris particularly). Here’s hoping.

Well that’s us all up to date in the world of the blog.
Have a good one!