So we have finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon, we’ve generally used CMC like bulletin boards (BBS), newsgroups and IRC and other channels, but blogging took a back seat as these other forms of online media seemed more direct. It’s taken us far too long to do this, we know we are normally very up to date with technology, but we’ve been so busy with other things we just kept overlooking it.

Now, with the realisation today that we have only 9 months left in the UK (!), we are planning to get blogging so we have a way of remembering everything we’ve been doing in preparation. This of course will make it easy for our friends and family in the UK to keep up to date with what’s going on with us.

Today has been a day of ups and downs. We seem to have finally sorted out getting a builder to come out to look at the water damage in our Albert Street flat. I had to use the buildings insurance company and to be honest they were a total joke. They had insured the wrong house and had to change it since I’ve been paying for it for the last 2 years!!! Anyway, they’ve said the builders will contact me today to arrange a time to go out and look, as of 4pm I haven’t heard from them yet so here’s hoping they hurry up and call!

Took wee Ambs to the park today and she loved it and is definitely getting better. After her mad psycho barking last night at dog training club, seeing her so calm and happy today was great.

This is the last day I have off work for my little mini holiday, so I’m planning to just chill out for the day. We’re just going to catch up with little things we need to do and then relax for the night. Mum is away in Florida again, but is cruising around the Caribbean at the moment as far as we’re aware.

Anyway, that’s the first blog post done and I’m sure there will be more! Peace to everyone.