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By Kristen Britain

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Magic, danger, and adventure abound for messenger Karigan G'ladheon in author Kristen Britain's New York Times-bestselling Green Rider fantasy series • "First-rate fantasy." —Library Journal 

Over a millennium ago, Mornhavon the Black, heir to the Arcosian Empire, crossed the great sea hoping to conquer Sacoridia. Mornhavon and his armies were defeated—but not before their general had resorted to desperate, dark magic that rendered his twisted spirit immortal. Finally, Mornhavon was captured and imprisoned in Blackveil Forest, and the forest’s perimeter was sealed by the magical D’Yer Wall.

In the many centuries since, knowledge of magic has disappeared from Sacoridia due to the fear and prejudice of a people traumatized by the memory of Mornhavon’s terrifying sorceries. Even the protective magic that created and maintained the D’Yer Wall has been lost, and the once-impermaeable barrier has been breached, allowing Blackveil’s malignant influence to seep into the lands beyond once again.

Karigan G’ladheon is a Green Rider—a seasoned member of the elite messenger corps of King Zachary of Sacoridia. But Karigan is no ordinary Rider, for she can traverse the barriers of time and space. Because of this extraordinary ability, she was able to transport the spirit of Mornhavon into the future, buying precious time for her country. During the window of relative safety, King Zachary decides to send Karigan and a small contingent of scouts, accompanied by a small group of Eletians—a magical race who once lived in the lands now tainted by Mornhavon’s magic—into Blackveil Forest.

Though Mornhavon is gone, the forest is still a treacherous and unnatural place filled with monstrous creatures and deadly traps. Plus, no one knows how far in the future Mornhavon has been sent—Ten years? One? Maybe even less.

And unbeknownst to the band of Eletians and Sacoridians, another small group has entered the forest—Arcosian descendants who have kept Mornhavon’s dark magic alive in secret for centuries, and who now plan to avenge their long-ago defeat by bringing Sacoridia to its knees.


  • I hate cliffhangers...

    By Dr. Kwothe
    Seriously, what author in their right mind leaves a book with such an open ending - nothing answered, and now a year or more of waiting ahead of me? As much as I liked the book (minus the explicit sexual scenes that prohibit me from recommending this book in good conscience to my nieces and nephews - thanks loads for THAT), I can't get over the annoyance of this ending. I won't be reading any more until the series has been completely finished, if then...
  • Loved the book!! But...

    By Raine-drop
    The story didn't really develop Karigan and, while immensely entertaining, felt more like a side story than part of the continuum of the other books. Makes me wonder if we have to wait more years before the real storyline progresses in a meaningful way.
  • Blackveil

    By Rebecca 11
    Loved the book! Characters well developed. Only problem is I don't like cliffhangers!
  • Author with a lot in the series

    By battlebot
    Great book!!
  • Not Happy

    By Patti A O
    What I liked about this series was that it had been fairly clean, and that the writing had improved as each book came out-- Blackveil was a real let-down. I won't be reading any more of these.
  • Unfulfilled expectations

    By themangoagent
    I was looking forward to the latest sequel for a long time. While the storyline was so-so in comparison with its predecessors, the writing quality has severely declined. I got the sense that some teenage lacky had been recruited to write the majority of the conversations. I am disappointed and hope that the next book turns out with some kind of quality standard.
  • Black veil an intense sci-fi story

    By Anne.we.enough
    This continues the Rider books from before with a journey through the dark forest to the lost castle of light. The Magic story of a harrowing journey in hostile lands with with humans and "Elves" fighting themselves, enemies and an intelligent evil was totally engrossing. I liked the story and writing, the book is well written with fully developed characters. If it had a definite ending and not an obvious lead in to another story it would have been given 5 stars.