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Southern Sunshine

By Natasha Madison

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance, Suspense, New Adult, Fiction & Literature, Western
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Some secrets have a way of coming back and haunting us, no matter how much we try to bury them.

I never wanted to be a cowboy, living in a small town was suffocating.
The military was my out.
I saw every place I ever wanted and everything that nightmares are made of.
Until I almost lost my life and then I ended up back home.

Finding out that I was pregnant the night before I left for college changed everything.
I left that small town and vowed to never return.
When my grandfather died, I had no choice but to go back home.
The plan was just for two weeks.
I thought it would be quick and easy, until he was standing at the back door asking questions.

Secrets never stay secrets for long in this town.


  • Second chances and adulting…

    By KLHanke
    This book....It came along at a time in my life where I can relate to Hazel losing someone...thinking she had more time, when in all actuality time is so limited. She comes back to her hometown to face a dire situation...and fate brings her face to face with her past....but is Reed her Present and Future? Reed couldn't wait to escape and be his own person...he found that in the military, and he avoided coming back to his hometown for many years. But secrets come out in the light, and choices need to be made. I loved both Reed and Hazel. They were both flawed, but also together made sense. You are rooting for them the entire book to get their HEA. Touching read about adulting through grief and second chances.
  • Love it

    By MsAina
    I can’t believe I finished this book in one night…loved it, it was a little different from the others with no rescue but it’s was a great read
  • Loved it! All the feels!

    By Virna Thompson
    4.5-stars! Southern Sunshine by Natasha Madison is an emotional and touching second chance story. All Reed ever wanted was to be his own man. He always felt like he lived in the shadows of the men in his family. So, the first chance he had, he left and joined the military. Hazel was heading to college when one night with Reed changed everything. They went their separate ways, but that night had lasting changes. Now they are both back and Reed is shocked to learn about his daughter. He is determined to be there for them going forward. I loved Reed and Hazel so much. They are amazing together and while they are finding their way, they share chemistry that is undeniable. I loved their connection so much. And Sofia was adorable and stole the show. Southern Sunshine by Natasha Madison was a great ending to this series. Though each book can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading in order and highly recommend each book. Happy reading!
  • They will make your heart melt!

    By Annie13:)
    Natasha Madison has written another can’t-put-down-please-don’t-need-me-until-it’s-over romance. This story is moving, the characters are so passionate that your heart literally melts. Reed Barnes will show you exactly what you want in a book boyfriend. A second chance romance with an added bonus! A emotional, heartwarming story of two people who finally found themselves back home and back into each other’s lives. These two didn’t know what they were missing until they were together again. Reed Barnes didn’t know his passion until it was right in front of him. And what a beautiful story we get. I’m sad to see this series end but can’t wait for what’s next. I always know that Natasha Madison will bring her best every single book! Highly recommended.
  • Saved The Best For Last! Excellent Ending

    By Yoli277
    Natasha Madison stole my heart with Southern Sunshine (Southern #8). This small town, surprise baby and second chance romance is sweet perfection with so much love and heartwarming moments. I have all the love in the world for Reed and Hazel. Especially since Reed is my favorite of the second generation. His southern charm and good guy personality appeals to me. Reed and Hazel shared one night of passion just before Reed left for the military and Hazel never heard from him again. And when Hazel left for college, she took a part of Reed with her. Sophia, a sweet and adorable little angel was conceived that night and six years later, she and Hazel return to their hometown and Reed returns home from the military. I was so hopeful and really rooting for these two. Once they reunited, their chemistry and connection was undeniable and I was completely invested in their story. When you have great characters such as these two and with a well written storyline that builds in such an engaging way, it’s a real winner. Southern Sunshine is a lighter read compared to the other books in the series however, it’s still has some intense moments and is packed with emotions that tug at your heartstrings. And of course, Ms. Madison brings it when it comes to the sexy times because she’s awesome like that. Ms. Madison is the master of creating books with relatable and genuine family camaraderie and they give so much love and support to each other. It’s always a great asset to her storylines. Southern Sunshine is no different and this is what I enjoyed the most about this book as well as the series.