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Cocky Butler

By Annabelle Anders

  • Genre: Fiction & Literature, Books, Romance, Historical, Romantic Comedy
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Book 7 of the Regency Cocky Gents Series: 

The Duke of Blackheart's happily ever

A duke pretending to be a butler and a very suspicious spinster realize that choosing love isn't as easy as one might think…

"The loser must perform butler duties for the winner throughout the Season this spring."

The Duke of Blackheart should never have accepted the wager. A foolish drunken night of games had led to an uncomfortable promise, but after considerable planning and a good deal of delegating, he'd found the charade almost too easy…

Or so he'd thought, until Lord Greystone's spinster cousin arrives, lips pinched in disapproval, eyes filled with suspicion, with the potential to spoil everything.

Miss Violet Faraday had come to London for one reason only—to assist in launching her niece into society. She did not come in hopes of landing a husband for herself, nor had she  expected to come face to face with her tragic past.

Most of all, she had not planned on becoming extraordinarily fascinated with Mr. Cockfield, her cousin's charming, arrogant, and ridiculously good-looking butler. He is a servant and she is a lady… anything beyond a mild flirtation can only lead to heartbreak…


  • Too Cocky to Miss!

    By Hawaiian Kanake
    I loved all these books. The were sweet and steamy. Each couple had a group of the same friends which made all the books fit together and made you care more about each of them. Each books stands alone and yet you get to hear how the previous couples are doing and then they all come together at the end of Cocky Butler. Don’t miss a one!