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The Sheriff's Christmas Angel

By Debra Holt

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance, Holiday
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Angels. Emma Cramer doesn't consider herself an angel by any stretch of the imagination. Temporarily stranded, broke and unable to pursue her dreams of working in the big city following her mother’s death, Emma’s life changes when she rescues a small child and a puppy who get trapped in a garage where Emma’s truck has finally breathed its last . The girl’s relieved and grateful grandmother believes Emma has been sent by angels because her family needs temporary help. She offers Emma a job, a good salary and a place to stay until after the holidays. It seems like a Christmas miracle for both of them.

Angels often appear when least expected, but when the most needed. Cynical sheriff and rancher Cole Drayton has heard that all his life, but he’s never been in the market for much else. He can take care of his daughter, his ranch and his family on his own without his meddling mother, but his long protected heart and desire for isolation is no match for a beautiful stranded stranger and a misfit puppy who make his daughter laugh and him feel alive again.

Can unsuspecting hearts intersect at the moment when love and trust is needed most? Anything is possible with the magic of the Christmas season and faith in the Christmas angels.


  • The sheriff’s Christmas Angels

    By 112950
    It was a good read and kept you interested I enjoyed it. I recommend it.
  • The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels

    By MLM-5
    What a lovely story! The characters were great, the story line sweet. I just had to keep reading till it was finished!
  • Such a great read

    By mybabychaz
    From the beginning of the end, just wonderful. If you believe in Angels, you’ll more than love this.
  • Cute

    By Kveann
    This is a sweet Christmas romance. I’m not a fan of all the romance books that have kids in the story, but this one was okay.
  • The Sheriff’s Christmas Angel

    By sbsbrinson
    What a sweet and beautiful love story. It seems fate brings together three needy souls and joins them together for life.
  • The Sheriffs Christmas Angels

    By Ralphnun1
    From beginning to end an awesome, beautiful story.
  • Cowboy Sheriff Love

    By Lakewaco
    Didn’t start out as a love story. Sometimes circumstances create clutter and misunderstandings. One may have to reassess what you really want. Fantastic love story that builds Chapter to Chapter.
  • Tough Sheriff vs. Angel Power

    By Kay 7072
    What a super feel good romantic Christmas tale! This sheriff’s resistance is no match for the angels in his life. A great read!
  • The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels

    By send review 2
    I really enjoyed this story. It made me smile and cry a bit. It also made me think that we all need to show more kindness to others every day of our lives. Thank you.
  • The Sheriffs Christmas Angel

    By jane2053
    Great read