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The Shore at East Bonnet Beach

By Danielle Stewart

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Motherhood adds and subtracts at a feverish pace. More belly laughs and moments of awe. Far less sleep and hardly any self-care. With the toddler years in full effect, Gwen has found herself both overwhelmingly happy and suddenly rudderless. Seeking a work/home balance proves baffling as she watches her identity float off like pollen in a summer breeze. When a family friend seeks out her expertise as a geneticist to solve a long-forgotten cold case, Gwen feels a bit of her old self returning. Being able to give someone their identity and provide peace for a family in turmoil is a purpose she deeply connects to. But the situation has the potential to create palpable danger she may not be able to avoid. 

Being a grandmother suits Leslie perfectly. Lightheartedly sharing hard-won lessons and indulging and spoiling as often as she can. She’s the keeper of the cookies and the soothing song that magically induces sleep. However, with the promotion to grandmother comes the uncanny ability to see and know when trouble is brewing. The urge to protect pushes her into overbearing territory. 

Gwen and Leslie must once again navigate the complexity of their relationship as their roles continue to shift. Leaning on Griff and Mark, the women are forced to decide if self-preservation outweighs the chance to give a long-forgotten Jane Doe her identity back. And perhaps peace to her waiting family.

Book 1: The Bend in Redwood Road
Book 2: The Pier at Jasmine Lake
Book 3: The Bridge in Sunset Park
Book 4: The Stairs to Chapel Creek
Book 5: The Cabin on Autumn Peak
Book 6: The Shore at East Bonnet Beach