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Lady August

By Becky Michaels

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance, Romantic Comedy
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"Becky Michaels ticks all the boxes in her second regency romance... With some steamy scenes, misunderstandings, slick dialogue and lush period descriptions, Lady August is an utterly delightful read. Highly recommended for fans of Julia Quinn and the Bridgerton novels." -BlueInk Review, STARRED review

August Summer thinks she is a nobody until a London solicitor barges into her employer's drawing room, revealing not only is she the daughter of an earl but a wealthy heiress as well. Optimistic about a new life, she travels to her ancestral home of Linfield Hall, only for her brother to banish her to London to live with her aunt, a dowager duchess with a reputation.

When Lord Bolton asks him to fetch his illegitimate daughter, solicitor Samuel Brooks does not expect himself to become so invested in the young woman's debut after wanting nothing to do with dinners and balls before. But as August navigates her way through this new world of the British aristocracy, Brooks is the one who is most dazzled by her unexpected charms.

Since society demands every young girl must marry, August decides she will accept nothing less than someone's heart in exchange for possession of her newfound fortune. Forced to reexamine his negative views of love and marriage or lose August forever, Brooks soon realizes his heart is the only thing in danger of becoming possessed.

Content Warnings: See copyright page using "Look Inside" function. Includes spoilers.